Welcome Note

Welcome to Edgbaston Tuition Centre, a particularly vibrant environment where an all round education is provided for your child. We aim to actively raise the quality of our children by providing them with a practical, step by step assistance throughout their journey with us. They will be inspired and motivated to reach their full potential, encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning and be equipped for life’s challenges, not only academically but socially and emotionally. We will ensure that your child has all the key skills to support them throughout life.

Our approach is simple; we will create a fun and personalised learning plan to ensure that your child develops and achieves their specific targets. Our tutors are committed and experienced and your child will be getting the utmost attention due to our small class sizes. When the children are engaged and interested, learning takes place. Innovative teaching ideas and methods are put in place to get the children engaged in class, incorporating enjoyment and progression.

Special attention is given to our core subjects, English, Math, Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies. Various clubs are available  to ensure that all language skills are covered.

In addition to this, we also offer

Handwriting club: refining cursive, composition and execution

Spoken English Club through LAMDA: concentration on articulation and pronunciation.

Maths:Our approach to learning mathematics ensures your child enjoys and connects with maths through exploration and discovery.

Arabic: where all language skills are taught interactively by our highly qualified native teachers. Arabic reading club: a variety of reading materials to suit all levels.

Quran: perfecting alqaida, recitation with Tajweed rules and memorisation.

Islamic studies:covering all aspects including  wudu & salat, Tarbeyah, and Islamic history.

At Edgbaston Tuition Centre we truly believe that an all round education is essential. Our aim is for our children to be ambitious, highly motivated and become independent learners who are able to take initiative. We want our children not only to be outstanding in the core subjects, but also to create solid building blocks for their future allowing them to become well balanced individuals. Healthy competition is encouraged as are peer support, kindness, respect and compassion and our teachers promote this in their lessons. We will also on occasion provide the opportunity for our children to participate in Physical activities.

We are conveniently located in Edgbaston, and can offer a pickup service from our local schools, where a member of staff will collect your child and safely walk to our centre. Why don’t you join us on this journey to guide your child to academic success and personal development.

Contact us today and register your interest.